When I wrote my last blog I thought “I will have this done by 2:30pm”. I wrote away, I added, deleted and read information.  The room was sunny and light and it was warm! It was fun writing.  I then pressed the publish button and glanced at the clock, much to my surprise it was 3:00! Time for school pickup! This losing track of time does not happen to me very often, in fact I cannot remember the last time it did!  In the world of Positive Psychology this is termed as ‘flow’.

Mike Csikszentmihalyi is the psychologist who used this term to descibe that losing track of time when one is taking part in very engaging activities. When these activities are happening, to achieve flow there is a delicate balance between skill and challenge! Seligman describes it as “the loss of self-consciousness during an absorbing activity.”  (Flourish page 11)

This feeling of flow results in a very positive emotion. When did you last feel ‘flow’? Have you seen kids in the ‘flow’? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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