I feel bad when…

30/05/2013 21:58

Today I was relief teaching in a challenging class.  I got to the end of the day and felt rather negative about it all.  (There’s that negativity bias again!) There were some really good moments of being, but they had been swallowed up.

As I was wondering what I could write on the blog a strange thought came.  I have been asking ‘What makes you feel good?”  But, what about the question, “What makes you feel bad?”  My husband asked “How does that fit in with positive psychology? You are meant to be hunting the good things!”    As I pondered I realised that if one could actaully go a step further and ask ‘Why does ……make me feel bad?’ followed by ‘I could change this by……’   Interesting!!! 

So tomorrow I am really happy to say I have the opportunity to teach the same class but with some changes!! 

I’d love to hear if anyone tries this!!

On a different note, thankyou readers for your lovely, encouraging comments, they have meant so much to me!

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