I feel good when…

28/05/2013 19:20

Yesterday I shared with my own children the book “I feel good when..” The whole idea of this book fits in perfectly with one of the concepts of Positive Psychology, which is known as ‘Hunt the good stuff’.  It is a concept that makes us think about the good things in life that we appreciate.  As people we have what is known as a ‘negative bias’ which means that most of us naturally notice the negative things in life.  Sometimes, we actually need to make an effort to notice the good! 

This morning as my nearly 14 year old daughter gave me a hug goodbye she said:”I feel good when I hug you, when you are wearing your puffer vest!”  I was struck by the way she was noticing something good and expressing it! It is a poweful thing to be able to notice what makes you feel good and then to be able to verbalise it!

I couldn’t resisit the urge to ask my other 3 children, “what makes you feel good?”  We have stuck the list on the fridge and I look forward to having things added to it! Both at home and in the classroom this simple act of finding out resonates good things on so many levels!

Ask yourself and others “What makes you feel good?”


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