My First Blog!!

26/05/2013 20:51

We want more for our children than healthy bodies.  We want our children to have lives filled with friendship and love and high deeds.  We want them to be eager to learn and be willing to confront challenges.  We want our children to be grateful for what they recieve from us…We want them to be resilient in the face of the setbacks and failures that growing up always brings…but…America (and one could add Australia) is in the midst of an epidemic of pessimism and is sufferig its most serious consequence, depression. (The Optimistic Child by Martin Seligman Page 4, 5,)

There is much talk about the amount of depression amongst young people and the fact that mental health is now a major challenge for our society.

However, there is hope and there are things that can be done. Dr Salks, the discoverer of the polio vaccine, is quoted as saying to Martin Seligman (often touted as the father of positive psychology)

“If I were a young scientist today, I would still do immunization. But instead of immunizing kids physically, I’d do it your way.  I’d immunize them psychologically.  I’d see if these psychologically immunized kids could then fight off mental illness better.  Physical illness too.” (Ibid page 5)


This excites me and in these blogs I want to share research, inspiration, encouragement and practical ideas that can help boost the immunity  of our children against depression. It is a sun shiny day!

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