Yet more grit and patience!

It is school holidays in our household and I was watching the kids yesterday as they found things to do around home that did not involve any screen time!  Screen time is so addictive in all the variety of shapes and sizes that it comes in! In my opinion most screen time activites require little ‘grit’ as the brain is externally entertained.

Anyhow, I watched my chidren do such activites as make a domino chain, make towers out of cards and play patience with cards!  At times there were sounds of frustration and then the cry “two words – anger mangangement” was directed towards the domino chain constructor as the chain was knocked before its time!!  These past times may be seen today as ‘old fashioned’ and yet as I watched I wondered if they all offered something that is missing in many other activities of today?

What do you think?  What are other activities are there that encourage this patience and grit?


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