One of the concepts I keep coming back to is along the line of thankfulness.  We live in a world where there are many adventures to be had and things to be seen! As a family we are in a situation where this needs to be done locally. As I looked at a beautiful waterfall we had hiked to and experienced the togetherness of family, including having Grandparents with us, I thought “Sometimes the treasure is right on your doorstep!”

Then my thinking went further, the post holiday classroom chat and writing could talk about treasures.  Maybe those kids who have stayed home most of the holidays could then hunt the treasures that are ‘on their doorstep’. It also then helps to encourage the idea of contentment!

What treasures do you have on your doorstep?



2 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. Thank you Rebekah for being the “vessel” that ” treasures” come through.
    We need to mark , learn and inwardly digest, so we can practice, share and spread them. Keep them coming please.


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