More on play…

Charlie Hoehn is featured in the ‘Dumbo Feather’ magazine. He ‘cured his anxiety’ when he found play! I really enjoyed the following paragraphs by Charlie Hoehn for what they simply are!

“Kids don’t run to get in shape; they run to feel the grass beneath their feet and the wind on their face.  Kids don’t chat over coffee; they pretend and make jokes and explore the outdoors.  Kids don’t network; they bond while playing. “

“Play is what we all love to do…Play immerses us in the moment, where we effortlessly slip into flow.  Play allows us to imagine, to create, to bond with and understand each other.  Play is what creates our strongest social circles.  And most importantly, play utterly destroys anxiety.  Play allows you to stop taking your life so damn seriously, so you can start living again.” (Dumbo Feather magazine Issue 36 Page 15, 16)


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