searching for treasures

Positive Psychology talks about ‘Hunting the good stuff’. Research has found that when people spend time searching for the good things that have happened during the day and thinking about them, it can actually help their sense of well-being.

Over the past 2 days I have enjoyed teaching the same class and at the end of the day we ‘Hunted the good stuff’, but I used different language. We talked about the treasures we found during the day.  I know I have written about treasures before and this whole idea of using the word ‘treasure’ really seems to be working for me!

When I first asked my own kids at home to ‘Hunt the good stuff’ they seemed to struggle, but tonight I asked my 8 year old what treasures did he find today? By the time he got to 16, it was time for lights out and he was starting to search for 4 more to make 20! I kissed him goodnight and suggested that he lay there thinking about the next 4 as he drifted off to sleep! What a great way to go off to sleep!

May you enjoy searching for treasure – with your class, with your family or even with yourself!


8 thoughts on “searching for treasures

  1. Love it, Rebekah. I tried to talk to a nine year old grandson last night about “thankful things”.. He didn’t understand what I was getting at! Now I will talk about treasures.. But you must elaborate for this nana seeing I am not a trained teacher!
    But I discovered some “treasures” this week at the local library……Mem Fox and some brilliant illustrators… Have you done any articles on ” great children’s books to read to your grandchildren”?


    • Sorry for delay in reply. I am not sure exactly what you wanted elaborated – happy to do so when I know specifically!
      Mem Fox is a great South Aussie icon writer, so glad you found her.I haven’t written about great books to read to grandchildren, but here are some of my kids favourite picture books that I would recommend!
      Allan and Janet Ahlberg (they have written a lot – any are good)
      Pamella Allen (She too has written a lot and any are good)
      Lucy Cousins – Hooray for Fish
      Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus
      Most books that the Usborne publishing company put out we love!
      The unhappy goldfish – Paul Dallimore
      Then for slightly older books, my kids have loved the classics like
      Milly Molly Mandy
      Enid Blyton – all her books!
      Roald Dahl – they have read and read his books
      Tashi books

      There are a few… I hope that has been helpful. There is a list I have seen on another web site – if I find it I will let you know!
      R x


  2. Hi Rebecca,

    My 7 year old daughter didn’t have to dig too deep today to find treasure. She witnessed rainbows over the ocean, whales frolicking with their calves and a huge slice of cheesecake ! Each moment she exclaimed was the best ever. However, she couldn’t get back to the holiday house quick enough because in her words the highlight of her holiday was having her lovely family next door .
    Having lived the first 7 years of her life in Morocco she is accustomed to close extended family ties and bountiful chit chat and sharing .Time is not a constraint when it comes to communicating and storytelling in Morocco . Kids are meant to be seen and heard . Adult conversations stop to hear what little Fatima or Ahmed has to say .The interaction between adults (strangers and friends)and kids flows freely ..
    She could sense this familiar quality was the case with her relative next door.
    So no guessing where she is right now ! She is doing puzzles and sharing stories with her lovely neighbors Heres to valuable treasure and relationships !

    Love your blog
    Thank you xx


    • It was so great to see you! What an interesting observation of the different way of conversation with adults and children – challenging for us I think, not to mention the constraint of time that we place on ourselves. How often do we really stop to hear what children are saying in our often frenetic speed of life?! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
      R x


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