What makes you happy?

How much do we know about what makes us and others happy? At the risk of writing a post about a much over used word (I do understand and believe that happiness is not the be all and end all of emotions) however,  it is certainly an important one to think about.

I was sitting looking at a holiday picture that shows my 4 children walking down to a dam where they were going to lob little stones and try to hit a plastic buoy that was floating in the water.  They were all so happy.

Then I asked myself the question “What makes each one of the kids happy? What do they really enjoy?” Quickly following on from this, I thought about friends, family members and even kids in a class! How interesting and helpful to relationships it would be if we actually knew what made others happy. It is not something I have specifically asked many people, but I am thinking of trying it, starting with my husband and kids!


The amazing thing, is that often when we are able to help others be happy, we end up feeling that way too!


2 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

  1. Excellent Blog Mum. I like the way it comes up in the email inbox. I also like the picture of us at Inman Valley. Great job Mum.😄😃😀🐔🐣

    love Noah xxx 😍😘

    ps. you are an 😇 Angel


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