I have been tossing this word ‘Satisfaction’ around in my head for the last few days after reading it in a list.

Positive psychology operates on 3 different levels – The subjective level (how you feel, the emotions you experience), the individual level (what makes a good life and what qualities are needed for it) and the group level (what action is taken or positive behaviour shown).                               Positive Psychology in a Nutshell by Boniwell Page 3

Satisfaction is in the first level, it is a positive emotion that makes us feel good.

On the weekend as a family we went to Victor Harbour to help clean up my parents property.  A storm had blown down a beautiful, big tree and strewn branches and twigs everywhere. It took a few hours to drag branches, mow lawns, rake leaves, sweep, stack firewood and my husband got to spend time on the end of a chainsaw! The kids helped! We could not have got it done without them. Along the way there were a few grizzles, not many, and they came mainly as they got tired. But, the difference between when we had started and the end of the day was amazing!  The sense of satisfaction for a hard days work was felt by all, in fact it was a privilege to be able to do it!

In this era, many computer games don’t really have an end point, there is so much information out there that you never get to the end of a topic, there is always more that you can do! In the classroom how does this effect the kids we are teaching? At home, how often do our kids do things that give a sense of satisfaction?

Mmm. I am still pondering the idea! What things do we do that give us a sense of satisfaction? Love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Well done, kids! Not sure if your mother uses that word, but you know what I mean. I am sure the grandparents appreciated all your hard work too. Tell grandad ” can we light a bon-fire now with all the branches!” Now that would be fun! In the past week, I have looked after some grandchildren aged 11, 9 and 4 because their Mum had a new baby. Reuben, who is nine, seemed very satisfied, pleased and proud because he said ” I came second in the class this week for spelling”. Another observation from me was to see his satisfaction in reading Book One of about four books relating to the Star Wars films. I tried to read a chapter at the tea-table, but it was too difficult for me to understand all the characters, and to understand the setting! I didn’t learn to read as a child! But Reuben was able to quietly read, understand and enjoy the story line! Ellie, who us 11 years old, is also a better reader than her Nana. For me though, my best satisfying moment was when all three “kids” did some impromptu 30sec. Skits for my iPad camera. We really played up and had great fun. They did crazy dancing, used ridiculous props including the shovel from the wood-fire, and sang outrageous made-up songs! We laughed and laughed! It is so exciting when “kids” can have loads of fun and give “satisfaction” to an ‘old’ granny! (I’m still a kid at heart!)


  2. What a lovely satisfying moment to see your grandchildren playing and being so creative! You have so many lovely things mixed up together – play, laughing, relating, being creative and moving! How satisfying! Rx


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