After writing about feeling satisfied I asked my daughter after school one day if she had felt satisfied at school.ย  Yes, she had, but she went a step further to tell me when she had felt unsatisfied!

This was an interesting way of thinking and we then established that she felt unsatisfied when she was confused with what was expected and when she was unable to complete a task.

Being unsatisfied is not necessarily a bad thing! It can lead to making changes and those changes often start with ourselves!

Do you have unsatisfied kids in the classroom? What makes you personally feel unsatisfied? Don’t stop with just these answers, the next step needs to be looked at, is there anything I can do to change it?


Pondering satisfaction…


4 thoughts on “Unsatisfied

  1. Noah, thanks for being one of my guinea pigs!! I liked your answer to my question when I asked you after school if you were unsatisfied at all today…no was the answer…lucky you! mum xx


  2. I feel unsatisfied when there are things I can’t change and things I have no control over. I feel unsatisfied every single day in this country (Ethiopia)!! Sometimes being unsatisfied can be a good thing, but not all the time. I think frustrated and unsatisfied go together!


    • Constant dissatisfaction would be very difficult! I think the link with frustration would come when you cannot do much about the unsatisfying things! Maybe the need to concentrate on what does satisfy you will cancel out the dissatisfaction? R x


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