Positive emotions in play…again!

As I sit to type this I can hear squeals of fun and chatter as the children play in the backyard!  We have a lovely next door neighbour who has her delightful family from England visit each year.  My children have just loved playing with them and they all get on fantastically well! Each night after school there is the rush to finish homework before play begins! It may involve a football, or imaginary games with police, robbers, and sniffer dogs!  There may be tickling, card games, Twister or throwing balls at each other. Play is such a natural thing to do, yet so, so important!

“Far from having only a momentary effect, positive emotions help to build important physical, intellectual, social and psychological resources that are enduring, even though the emotions themselves are temporary. For example, the positive emotions associated with play can build physical abilities; self mastery and enjoyable times with friends increase social skills.”( Positive Psychology in a nutshell by Boniwell Page 11)

So the kids are out playing with no idea of all the things they are really learning and doing!


9 thoughts on “Positive emotions in play…again!

  1. Kids are so accepting and play and interact so easily with new friends. I often wonder what changes to make adults so much more sceptical of people? Imagine what adults could learn and share if we opened our hearts more innocently to our peers, colleagues and general community? If we could tap the positive energies of children and inject them into more adults I think our world would be a kinder place.


    • I love that idea of tapping the positive energies of kids into adults! I know that Ben and I often look at the kids and say ‘I want what they’re on!’ That is a million dollar question really, “why do adults become so sceptical and closed in heart?” I wonder if we get so caught up in ourselves and our worlds? Maybe? R x


  2. I was walking around near my old home along the Linear track on the weekend and was telling my companion about all the times as a kid I used to play with cousins down there. We used to play follow the arrow and have soursob fights to name a few games. We all still have great relationships and I would like to think the fun times we had were the foundation of the lifetime of friendship and love. I love having a laugh and a play with your 4 too rebekah ( hope they will continue to humour Auntie Lisa!)and I hope they will always continue to play and be positive people!
    We as a family still enjoy board games and card games so you are ever too old to play!! Lisa xx


    • Soursob fights must be timeless! A few days ago my kids were doing that and it brought back memories!! I love your phrase ‘funtimes…. foundation of the lifetime of friendship and love.’ Fun times are more than just a time of jokularity!!!(how do you spell jockularity?!)
      My kids love their aunty lisa with her special knock!
      reb x


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