failure is not permanent

“Failure is not permanent! Most of us falsely believe in the permanence of failure.”

Jeff Goins Newsletter August 20. Once again this was a great article, so check out his blog.

When working with kids, there are some who will take risks in their learning and some who will shake their heads.  Today I took the special class for a sport lesson.  Some of the kids couldn’t wait to have a turn to shoot a goal, but there was one quiet girl who stood in the background hugging a bear. When it came to her turn, the eyes were down and the head shook for ‘no’ when asked to have a turn.  The first time around I gave in to her.  The second time, I offered to hold her bear while she shot and made it more of a command, ‘please come and have a go to shoot a goal!’

She did! The look of satisfaction on her face that she had done it was wonderful! Needless to say when it was her turn next she didn’t need to be asked twice!


The quote I opened with made me recall this situation and spoke to me so loudly.  Do we understand that failure is not permanent and do we ever tell our kids specifically that it is not permanent? How they and us respond to failure is such an important thing.

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