stop and listen!

Something I have been concentrating on, personally in life has been to give my undivided attention to my kids when they are telling me something! I have been surprised at how incredibly difficult it is, yet it is such a powerful thing! Even just moments ago one of my boys came and asked me a question as I was writing on a card. I had to purposefully stop, look and listen! It flashed through my mind how I had to actually think to do it! Then, moments later, my husband was sharing with me what he had been reading, but this time I soldiered on with what I was doing and the moment passed with out me really listening at all!

Today as I relieved in a class I have spent quite a few days in, I found myself being told little stories of what had been happening in kids lives.  I realised that relationships had been built and that in the end they may not remember what I  taught them, but are more likely to remember that I listened and cared.

May I share my challenge with you, to really stop, pay attention and listen to those around you? I know it is impossible to do it all the time, but I can at least make an improvement!


The best use of life is love.  The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now.

(The purpose driven life by Rick Warren p 130)


8 thoughts on “stop and listen!

  1. It seems to me that we purpose to be “available” to all people – in love and in a great variety of ways.
    We need to watch out for opportunities, and use them wisely.
    Sometimes it involves “waiting” for the right time – even to speak..
    But we do Love now. and we are to support one another, always….


  2. Lovely Blog Mum!!!!!!!!!! I think the picture is funny!!!!!! 🙂
    It’ll try and remember to stop look and listen. (Just like I’m at school when the teacher goes Stop,Look and Listen) 🙂

    Love Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxoxoxooxoxooxoxxxoxoxooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxooooxoxoxxxxxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxo


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