Searching for more treasure!

Yesterday I was teaching in a class I had not been in for awhile. It was lovely to revisit the happy faces again!

At the end of the day, a boy put up his hand and asked “What treasures did you find today?”

I was amazed and thrilled.  I had forgotten that this was the class that had been the inspiration for writing my blog titled, searching for treasures and here was a child that had really taken it on board!

We then had a reflective end to the day as we thought about our treasures for the day!

The language of it had obviously captured his imagination and the whole process of doing this was obviously something that had been positive! I am so thankful for the reminder and look forward to searching for treasure once again! I hope you enjoy the reminder and find it useful today!


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2 thoughts on “Searching for more treasure!

  1. Nice blog mum. I like how you put in the link to the other blog! I’m glad your back is feeling better. 🙂
    Love Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxoxoxxxxxooxoooxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxoxxxxxxxoooxooxoxxoxxxxx 😉 🙂 :p


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