Please can we go play?

This week’s blogs, seem to have become reminders of topics I have previously written about.  (Just in case some of you didn’t know,  if you click on the words in blue, they are links to the past blog entries.) In my readings this week these topics of treasure and play surfaced again.

When I step into a classroom, one of the first thing kids ask is “are we going to do fitness today?”

As I was doing some reading, the penny dropped. I knew that play was important and I have written about play in a few past blogs (Play , More on play, Positive emotions in play…again!)  but I was reminded again how important it is for positive emotions.


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“Play is what we all LOVE to do. Play is where our subconscious naturally guides us. Play is the state where we are truly ourselves, once we let go of our egos and fear of looking stupid. Play immerses us in the moment, where we effortlessly slip into flow. Play allows us to imagine, to create, to bond with and understand each other. Play is what creates our strongest social circles.

And most importantly, play utterly destroys anxiety. Play gets you around other humans, face-to-face, and allows you to form a real connection with them. Play allows you to stop taking your life so damn seriously, so you can start living again.”   Charlie Hoen  How I Cured My Anxiety


Hoen suggests that we “write down all the activities that repeatedly brought you joy from your childhood, then start incorporating them back into your life.”

He tells the story, instead of meeting a client for coffee he suggested meeting in the park and throwing a football.

Kids seem to know the importance of play instinctively and they want it. As parents,  teachers and adults we have the challenge to build it into their lives and ours!  What do you think? Try making the list and playing this weekend.

I would love to hear if anyone does it.

Dr Suess   “Adults are just obsolete children.”

4 thoughts on “Please can we go play?

  1. Nice blog Mum. I’m looking forward to doing lot’s of things you used to do when you were a child with you.
    Love Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxx
    xxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxx Find The Hugs:)


  2. I liked this post. I read the link also. It has been going round in my head. I did write down my ‘play history’ and asked my husband to write his. Our common ‘play’ interests are a real strength for us. I will be trying to play more. I called my grandparents whilst doing the dishes yesterday – I actually felt refreshed even though the load of dishes was huge!


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