a thought for the weekend

This is the time I got up this morning! It wasn’t in my schedule but it still happened!


It is grainy because it was so dark!!

It might not be that early for some, but it was 30 minutes earlier for me! I have started small and I felt quite proud of my small achievement!

How about you, have you started small on some habit you want to break?

I want to introduce a new idea to my blog – ‘a weekend thought’.


Of all the positive emotions, love is the strongest one. May you be the giver and receiver of much love this weekend.

4 thoughts on “a thought for the weekend

  1. Nice Blog Mum. I’m proud of you for getting up at 7:45! 🙂
    I love your past two blogs you did while I was on school camp.
    I love you lots,
    Love Noah oooooooooooooooxoooooooooooooooooooooxoooxoxooooxxxooooooooooo
    Find the kisses this time! 🙂


  2. Noah, I thought the clock said 0645? Am I blind? Was it 0745?
    Your Mum has done well! I like the subject for the weekend …Love.. Today, a nice lady from SA sent me an SMS and it made me smile as it was a very loving SMS! She doesn’t know it, but she’s one of my mentors!!!
    Today, I spread a bit of love around to some of the ‘oldies’ who came on buses to a Spring Flower and Quilt Festival. It was fun giving out cups of tea and coffee to all of them, waiting on them, and making them laugh.
    Tomorrow, my cousin, his wife, daughter and grand-children are coming up to see our new lambs. We have about 12 of them, and one of them has a fractured back leg. I think an old ewe stood on it just after he was born. The kind farmer (shepherd) who looks after the sheep put it in a splint last Friday, the day after it was born. This week, I rang my cousin to ask him a few questions about the fracture and whether he thought we were on track with our splint, special rest in a pen with his mother ( a first time mother) etc.
    My cousin is not a vet, but an orthopaedic surgeon, but he took me very seriously when I sent him a video of the fractured leg! I really had to smile at his expertise. He rang a vet friend in Melbourne and now I have a picture of the bones of a baby lamb with instructions on how to care for a lamb with a broken leg!!!

    So tomorrow, I will try to demonstrate lots of love by showing the kids the lambs, the mothers (ewes) and the little injured lamb who continues to grow stronger each day with milk from his mother! There will be two boys aged 5 and 8, and a little girl, Emily, who is about one year old! I’ll try to do some cooking for them too and they can also pick some fresh vegetables from my veggie garden to take home. Perhaps too, they can collect the eggs!
    I look forward to reading more stories of LOVE from this weekend!


  3. I hope you had a lovely time giving love to both the people and the animals! Animals certainly do bring about lots of love! We nursed a lame old chook for 3 months before she died a gentle beautiful death!


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