It worked!

For those of you who read my post on Monday, you will appreciate my joy at the fact that, my 8 year old has gone to bed the last 3 nights with no issues!


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In response to my last post on the upstairs and downstairs of the brain I had 2 conversations where people asked me about the ‘metaphorical stairway’. I do not pretend to be an expert on the topic and so am still thinking it through! I am wondering if a lot of the building of the staircase happens within relationships and talking things through.

This was further backed up for me tonight in a lecture I attended by Toni Noble.  (She is an Australian who has written a brilliant resiliency program called ‘Bounce Back’. Tomorrow I will write a specific blog that summarises what I heard – it looked at the topic of self-respect, not to be confused with self-esteem.)

In passing, Toni mentioned the biggest in-school research project completed by Hattie (2009) found that the quality of relationship between the teacher and student is the key to learning! Wow!


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Back to building the staircase, I wonder if the amount of time one has to spend and the quality of relationship with the child is part of helping them build?

Today, on day 2 of my sons chart we had a conversation about the upstairs and downstairs of the brain. I told him that I believed he was choosing to come out of bed and that he needed to make the connection between his desire to come out and the knowledge of not to! Kids amaze me – he just looked at me and said ‘yes Mum, I get it.’


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Don’t you just love them!

3 thoughts on “It worked!

  1. Fantabulous bloog mum. I liked the pictures. They were cute. I could understand your blog and am looking forward to the one on self – Respect.
    Love Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    🙂 😉 🙂


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