Thought for the weekend

We read this as a family the other night.  We all agreed that we need to be talking to ourselves more!

“Why are people usually unhappy?
David Martyn Lloyd-Jones said it’s because people are listening to themselves instead of talking to themselves.


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When you wake up in the morning, you can listen to whatever your thoughts are telling you
-maybe they are reminding you of something you did the day before,
maybe they are making you scared of something you have to do tomorrow.
You can listen and feel horrible. Or you can talk back.


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You can remind yourself of what is true, and who you are.
Are you listening to yourself today… or talking to yourself?”


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(The book goes on to say the following as well…..and who God is and what he has done. You can say something like: “Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God!” Psalm 42:11 (NLT) )

Pg 162, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd-Jones

5 thoughts on “Thought for the weekend

  1. Love your thought for the week end. I might try talking to myself a bit more without people thinking I’m mad! Hee Hee. Love you lots.
    Love Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx etc.
    🙂 😉 🙂


  2. Good Morning to my SA friends! As I wake up this morning, my mind is telling me

    * I’ve had a very disturbed night of sleeping just like young mothers have with babies and toddlers who haven’t developed good sleeping patterns. But my lack of sleep is because my husband of 40 years is on medications for prostate cancer, and the medications cause side effects which wake him up often! I am in the season of marriage ” in sickness and health”! So instead of feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, my head is throbbing and I cant sleep so I have to tell myself to ” get up and face the day with some positive thoughts and actions ” Maybe, I could pretend I was walking along Encounter Bay! Now that would be nice!

    * predators and pests are attacking my house and destroying veges. in my garden – mice and fruit-flies! Mice make the house stink and fruit flies lay eggs in fruit and veges, which means you can’t eat them. Our chooks will love them!

    * we haven’t had rain for many months, so every ml of tank water must be used very carefully, and water from kitchen sink and shower must be re-cycled.

    SO WHAT will I say to myself?

    * Yes, I will think about the meaning of Psalm 42:11.

    * I will go and water the gardens because I still have water from a bore!

    * I will say good morning to the animals.

    * I will put some music on to cheer me up

    -* I will try to be extra kind to my husband today

    * I will look at all the photos I took in WA last week of our beautiful grand-children

    * and tomorrow morning, I will seek to ride my bike 25kms. To church along the country roads, and pray for courage that the magpies and their new baby magpies won’t attack me!
    Thanks for reminding us of an important principle in life. If you wake up grumpy, talk to yourself before you speak to others!


    • I loved reading this comment! I feel so privileged that the Bible verse in the blog was used. I hope you enjoyed the bike ride to church and that the magpies didn’t swoop – they have stopped here! R x


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