Bake a cake!

My beautiful Mum sometimes cuts out newspaper clippings that she thinks are of interest to me and she is usually spot on. In the last lot of readings there was one that I want to share with my fellow blog readers. It was in Mum’s local rag, ‘Southern Times Messenger’ on Wednesday October 30 this year, page 25.  It is written by Monique Bowley, titled ‘Baking enjoys its time in sun’.


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At the Royal Adelaide Show this year, there was a record number of baking entries, it seems that baking is on the rise! Bowley asks the question ‘why bake when you can just buy it?’

“We’re a wealthy country and frugality or homeliness has never been at the forefront of our frantic minds. We’re too busy getting it done.  Having it all.  Busyness has become an addiction – we wear it as a mark of worth – if I’m busy, I must be achieving.

Every day unconsciously we are filling our lives with a paralysing litany of options and information.  We’re told we can be whatever we want, have whatever we need.  Then whatever we are, we always want more. We’re pulled in a million different directions – we give, take and want of each other and we fill the gaping chasm of life with complexities and busyness and buying stuff.

It’s in the big issues that we feel helpless about and the small ones that wear us down.  We grind through work and life, the chaos of the weekday school run, the reams of mail that pile up, the deadlines and paperwork and forms and bills, the days grate on, and on the weekend we’re supposed to dream big and dance like no one is watching…..

Baking is the voice among the chaos that says: shut up. This gentle art is the perfect antidote to modern life.  It’s warm. It’s frugal. It’s resourceful. It makes the house smell like heaven and the sense of joy and achievement from a warm batch of home-baked muffins is like no other.

It’s simplicity is its strength.  Its requires concentration, yes and focus too…Lick the spoon.  Make a mess.  Put it in the oven and hope it turns out.  If it doesn’t, laugh it off, call it rustic and eat it anyway.”


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Let’s get out the cake tins, the ingredients, the apron and turn the oven on!

Or, is there another activity that does the same for you?

10 thoughts on “Bake a cake!

  1. Thanks for the blog Rebekah! Baking is definitely my therapy. I love putting some music on and getting into the kitchen to make yummy treats. I think time stands still while you bake, especially when you are baking because you want to, not because you need to.


  2. Nice blog mum! 🙂
    A little hard to understand but still great. 🙂 😉 🙂
    Good job. 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Noah xxxxxxxooxxxxxoooxxoxoxoxoooxxxoxoxxxoxoxxxoxxxxxxoxoxxxoxooxoxooxx
    🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂


  3. So the question should be why buy when you can bake?! I am going to make Nannas nutties now! It used to be weekly but I am getting caught up in the busyness and it isn’t as regular so a good reminder to take the time out to “shut up” (sorry Mum but it is in the quote!) amongst the chaos. No one home, nothing on TV so a good time to relax!! Thanks for a good blog again Bek xx


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