To serve or not to serve that is the question?

My pantry had become a mess.  It was way past time for a cleanup. I checked the ‘best before’ date and found one from 1997! I have sorted one shelf and that is a great start.
A couple of my boys helped me and I gave them the job of fitting the spices into the new spice rack which was a lovely hand-me-down from my sister. It took them awhile. Tonight as my husband was putting some shopping away he commented:

“Josiah showed me the new spice rack.  He gave me the full tour explaining what went where and why. He was obviously very proud of what he had done.”


Serving others is such a beautiful thing.  The researchers in Positive Psychology know that when we serve others, when we put others as more important than ourselves, then all sorts of positive emotions flow!

I came across this quote in my reading today:

“Has there been someone to whom you’ve been meaning to return to serve? Take steps today towards making it happen.”   (There is an interesting story that goes with it, take a look!)


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Sometimes we have to purposely think to serve, while at other times it comes more easily.
With children we sometimes have to give them opportunities to serve and to ask them to help.
Serving is great for the soul!


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4 thoughts on “To serve or not to serve that is the question?

  1. Love It! What and easy one to understand but such a good and inspirational blog.
    Great Job.
    Lots Of Love,
    Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo
    🙂 😉 🙂


  2. Wow how amazing. I am currently sitting here marking pamphlets my class have made about service actions they have taken at home this week, on top of their usual jobs. Their reflections are so positive about how they felt so happy doing it and how much they noticed it helped their families. Nine and ten year olds really can hang and fold washing, vacuum floors and clean up after dinner. Service with a smile is my motto!


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