Take a moment to notice…

‘Savouring’ is a Positive Psycology term that involves being in the moment, not rushing or thinking ahead but appreciating the positive things that are happening around you and even to you.


Photo Credit: vibrantwomen.com.au

Last week in the school yard I happened to see a Mum give her child a kiss. From where I observed it was for no reason, just a sharing of love.  It was a moment that brought back so many beautiful memories and I did let my mind reflect on this act. What a privilege to be part of that moment as a spectator. It was a lovely small act. I ‘savoured’.


Photocredit: healthyliving.msn.com

Two of my boys are starting new schools next year. The uniforms were purchased yesterday and tried on again as soon as they got home. It was such a pleasure to be in the moment and sharing their excitement and joy as they anticipate a new year. This is quite a big thing in our family. We ‘savoured’.

“Noticing and savouring life’s small and big positive occurrences is a powerful tool for increasing one’s overall well-being.”
(Positive Psychology in a Nutshell  I Boniwell pg 136)


As this Christmas season continues, as the school year ends and parties and celebrations happen, may you and your children find the time to ‘savour’ some moments. May you have the mindfulness to stop, enjoy, notice, appreciate and maybe even share the ‘golden moments’ whether they be ‘big’ or ‘small’.


Photo credit: brainworksrehab.com

I would love to hear about some of your ‘savouring’.

4 thoughts on “Take a moment to notice…

  1. Nice blog Mum. I liked the topic on savoury. Some moments I’ve savoured is talking and debreifing the school day with you after school on the way to pick up the boys.
    I’ll miss it next year.
    Lots Of Love,
    Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxoxxxxoxoxoxxxxxxxxooxoxoooooxxxxxxoxoxooxoxxxxoxooxoxxxx
    🙂 😉 🙂


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