A thought for the weekend – exercise!

“Do you know, exercise reduces anxiety and stress, the risk of hypertension, of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, obesity and probability of dementia?  That it improves not only physical but also cognitive functioning? That a bit of exercise can double muscle strength in frail adults of 87 years of age? Even more, psychological research demonstrates that exercise may be the most reliable happiness booster of all activities (Lyubomirsky, 2008)  (Positive Psychology in a Nutshell Ilona Boniwell Page 125)


Photo Credit: buzzle.com

 No matter how big or small, can I encourage you this weekend to try to do some exercise?
Grab the kids, maybe a friend and try to do some form of exercise. You’ll feel better for it!


6 thoughts on “A thought for the weekend – exercise!

  1. With tendonitus in my Achilles and no exercise I am grumpy and feel frustrated and even teary at times. I am desperate for my exercise endorphins!!!


    • I bet you are!! Is there any exercise you can do that doesn’t involve the archilles? Upper body workout? You are backing up the science that says the exercise makes such a difference! Wish I could help! Love R x


    • Hi, welcome! I hope that you enjoy the blog and find it helpful! Thanks so much for joining and writing this comment, it really encourages me! I hope that you get some sun shiny winter days in England! please send on my warm regards to your family and to Julia! love Rebekah


  2. Julia probably mentioned but i am andrew! It’s nice to make contact; I have heard so much about Alice and Lucy’s exploits with your little ones! I have set out below a favourite quote of mine , which I think is buddhist in origin. I like it for it’s simplicity and i should remember it more when I loose my patience and turn into a nearly 40 year old grump!!
    ” A thousand candles can be lit from one candle, and the life of the candle is not shortened. Happiness is never diminished by being shared.”

    Take care and I will pass on your regards to julia and the pannalls. Please say hello to Marie-lise.



    • I like the quote! Thankyou for sharing it. It is so true that happiness actually grows when we share it. You may see the quote appear on my blog sometime!! Enjoy the day, sharing lots of happiness to those around you! R x
      Ps we love it when Julia and the family come, we always look forward to it. I will certainly pass on your regards to Marie-Lise – she may even read this!!


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