Turn your thinking around

‘I am useless at school.’

‘My school report is bad.’

‘I have no friends.’

It is that time of the year for kids.  It is busy, they are tired and sometimes the world just looks like it is against them.


Photo credit: vehicular.blogspot.com

These types of comments by kids are ‘global’ and pessimistic. When one is aware of these types of comments, it is possible to turn them around.

‘I am useless at school’ can be rephrased as ‘I am really not good at spelling’.

‘My school report is bad’ can be rephrased as ‘In my school report I did not do well in maths’.

‘I have no friends’ can be rephrased as ‘I am having difficulties with one group of boys’.

Can you see the difference?
I know as an adult sometimes I ‘globalise’ how things are going when really it is just a few areas that I might be struggling with.


Photo credit: changeyourteam.com

“Children who latch on to global explanations for their failures give up on everything when they fail in just one realm. Children who believe specific explanations may become helpless in that one realm yet march stalwartly on in the rest.”  (“The optimistic child” by Martin Seligman page 57)

May you look for ‘global pessimism’ and enjoy rephrasing it into specific explanations!


Photo credit: runnersami.wordpress.com

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