Just a quick note at the beginning of this blog. It is school holidays in my part of the world, that means time with the kids and lots of adventures! As a result my blogs may be a bit more ‘hit and miss’, my apologies, but I think you will all understand!

….which nicely brings me to today’s blog topic of ’empathy’. Empathy is such an important thing to teach our kids and for us to be aware of in our parenting.  Yesterday one of my kids was upset that a ‘barbie comb’ had been lost. I really didn’t care or take much notice. It wasn’t until later when I had a moment I realised I had not dealt with the situation at all well. I had shown no empathy or even sympathy for that matter.  Today I stumbled across this short clip that had been referred to in Brainpickings (which is a really interesting blog to look at). It is thought provoking and I think enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Empathy

  1. That was great, the animation very good. It is hard to remember all the good things you come up with!!! Have a great holiday and enjoy connecting as a family! Love L xx


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