Thought for the weekend: the kitchen table conversation

(Before I start the ‘weekend thought’ I would like to emphasise something – my Mum who has been a wonderful encourager and follower mentioned that my last blog was the first one she has not liked! It was the whole idea of doing something kind with an ulterior motive. I too have struggled with that whole concept as really can kindness be kindness if it has an ulterior motive? Mmmm interesting!)

“Do you mean to say that the cord from my belly button was not joined to your belly button when I was in your tummy?” was the clarifying question asked by one of my boys around the kitchen table. Followed by another child asking “So how did I come to be in your tummy?”

And yes, this did then turn into a full blown birds and bees conversation topped off by the 12 year old informing the 10 year old that “yes, sadly I have to tell you that is really what happens!” But, what a wonderful environment to hear the facts of life, amongst siblings, with laughter and by parents where it can all be put in context.


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The kitchen table is such an amazing place to share, to listen, ask questions, get meaning and form opinions. We are finding that as our children grow older we have to fight for the time amongst all the other activities. Today I was reminded of the importance of it and why it is worth fighting for.

“…’ve got to work at every level, but it starts at the kitchen table.  What are parents telling their kids? What are people teaching their friends and family? So many of our attitudes are shaped at the kitchen table …”
(Dumbo Feather Issue 38 page 46.  This quote was in the context of a very interesting conversation with Kon Karapanagiotidis the founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre)

IMG_0669As this weekend approaches, may you find time to relax with friends and family around the kitchen table.
May your conversations be meaningful, fun and thought provoking.
May you be challenged, comforted and loved around the kitchen table.


5 thoughts on “Thought for the weekend: the kitchen table conversation

  1. I love the photos! We all need a place where we can be heard and accepted. I reckon the kitchen table is where we work out the big issues of life as family. Love and respect for one another can be built in and nurtured. And parents can share their wisdom. Have a rich weekend.


    • Thankyou for the encouragement. I agree, it is a place where as a family you connect in a different way and nurturing happens. It reminds me that we have to take more time around the table so it can happen! Hoping all is well for you. Love to you both. R xx


  2. I remember fondly so many loving ,funny and Yes, heated conversations took place around our kitchen table while growing up .
    Then I looked at my current kitchen table where the lap top sits !
    Food for thought .
    mish x


    • It is crazy the way technology can slowly creep in without us noticing it!
      It is all types of conversations that make up the tapestry of the dinner table time. Glad I could give some food for thought! Love r x


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