Thought for the weekend – the gift of time!

I really wanted to write about a different topic, but time has run out! My Man turns 40 this weekend and as a family we have decided to give him a ‘Mystery Weekend’ (unfortunately he does know where he is going – it wasn’t one of the kids who let the cat out the bag, it was me!)

It has been interesting planning and trying to find the time to make this weekend happen. At times I found it stressful and almost resented it, but then I came across this great paragraph in Christopher Peterson’s book ‘A Primer in Positive Psychology’.


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Some of it I had heard before, but the challenge of giving time, not just in regards to my children, but for my older loved ones is a great reminder for me. I don’t feel stressed or resentful anymore, I actually feel quite privileged!

During this weekend, may you give the gift of time in a special, mindful way to someone around you!


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“…We all have a gift to give that is infinitely precious because it is thoroughly nonrenewable. That gift is our time.”

“I suggest that quality time is at best an oxymoron and that a brief encounter with one’s child, no matter how genuine, cannot substitute for being there most, if not all, of the time. ”

“Give the gift of time – take your watch off…” (Page 37)


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3 thoughts on “Thought for the weekend – the gift of time!

  1. Have a great weekend. Happy Birthday! What a lovely thing to come through feeling resentful to seeing we can love truly and be a blessing to others. Thankyou to our Father who has loved and forgiven fully!


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