time and compassion – thought for the weekend

Following on from the last blog ‘The idea of whole heartedness’,  I have included a quote from Brene Brown:

Gifts like courage, compassion and connection only work when they are exercised everyday.”

It takes time and presence of mind to exercise these gifts.
Take a quick moment or two – 2 minutes 31 seconds to be precise, to view this snippet. It reports on a very interesting connection on time and compassion.

This weekend, may you be in the moment to look around and exercise some purposeful courage, compassion or connection. Maybe make that difficult phone call, listen carefully to the troubles of a friend or show compassion to that child who has really pushed your buttons too many times.

(Can I indulge for a quick moment here – awhile ago I wrote a blog It worked! about my child who had not been settling at bed time and finally did. A lovely friend mentioned that she had read this and given a grr…her child was not making changes like that! We had a great giggle today when I said that that same child is mucking around at bed time, really pushing my buttons – again!!!! That’s the thing with kids, it is constantly reviewing and trying. It is so nice to know we are all in this together!)
Blessings R x

2 thoughts on “time and compassion – thought for the weekend

  1. Thanks for the link to the little video. Being able to notice others is so important instead of just thinking about our own ‘to do’ list. Very relevant. Thank you.


    • How are you going? I really enjoyed the video and have found myself thinking about it at different times. It is so hard not to be driven by to do lists – especially with lots of little lives bustling around! R xx


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