Is self-sufficiency a good thing?

It was a still evening  last night, and as I sat in my lounge doing some reading I could hear a pleading voice outside. There was difficulty with someone feeling upset and not wanting to talk. The parent was obviously worried about what may happen next. Oh, the dilemma. Do I ignore or do I go out and see if I can be of any assistance. I found it really difficult to know.



We live in a world where self-sufficiency is the aim of the game. Some people can walk out of one room into their garage, hop in the car, open the electric roller door, drive out, close the door and arrive at their destination without any chance of human conversation. Some people do not know who their neighbours are. In many ways we live in a world that seems to be moving away from community.


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I know that I like to be self-sufficient. I like to be in control. I like to be able to look after things myself. But is it a good thing? Yesterday in the staff room there was a really interesting conversation where a few people were discussing the way love makes us weak, the word vulnerable was added and yet it was suggested that there is strength in love. That in many ways love is the mystery of life. Self-sufficiency can actually get in the way of being able to love and be loved.

indexI found it very interesting and personally challenging that self-sufficiency is on the ‘don’t’ list of wholeheartedness. Maybe it stops us from relationships? Maybe it stops us from giving the opportunity for others to be part of our lives? Maybe it stops the sense of community and kindness that can flow?

I have gone a step further to think of my parenting and teaching. Yes these kids need to be self-sufficient, but how are we balancing it with giving them the opportunity to be helped and to help others? I’d love to hear what you think.

(So, did I go outside…I peeked out the window, waited and prayed with my daughter. The situation seemed to resolve but maybe I need to be ready to visit?)


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10 thoughts on “Is self-sufficiency a good thing?

    • So nice to hear from you. That is a great phrase to ‘look outside our own lives’. I guess when we are self sufficient we can forget to look outside!
      Look forward to seeing you soon. Love Rebekah x


  1. Great post . I am setting up a new business and I admit I am not self sufficient in all areas necessary to make the business tick. I am pleasantly surprised by the number of strangers that have offered help and support . If I hadn’t been open to being helped I wouldn’t have meet these new interesting people . My community continues to grow
    Self sufficiency is over rated !


    • I love that phrase – ‘self-sufficiency is over rated’. That is great to know that people have been offering support and help. Maybe as a community we just need to be willing not to be self-sufficient? I look forward to hearing how it is all going sometime soon! R xx


  2. Here in Ethiopia community living is the name of the game and self sufficiency is unknown. I think the West really misses out on something by being indiviual and self sufficient!! Sharing problems is a must in this country!


    • It is interesting the way different cultures work and we can certainly learn from others – maybe that is the whole idea of not being self-sufficient re- we can help and learn from others? May you enjoy that wonderful aspect of the culture you are in. R x


  3. Lovely Blog Mum! Your doing GREAT job! Keep going.
    Love you lots.
    Love Noah xxxxxxoxoxoooxxxxxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxoxxxxxxooxoxoxox
    🙂 😉 🙂


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