Try the experiment

I have a confession to make. Despite writing an entry months ago about getting up earlier, I am still often the last person in my house out of bed! I experimented, but it didn’t seem worth it. But now, may I plead my case?

My 8 year old wakes around 7 am and comes and crawls into bed. We have cuddles and often that is when he tells me those things that a Mum wants to know but a boy doesn’t always share! “Do you know I am sitting next to 2 girls, but Mum, they are really nice girls?  One of them Mia is the girl I sat next to in my first week at school.” As a friend kindly pointed out, I should enjoy that special time, he wont be doing it much longer.


Experimenting is something that our society does not always look upon favourably.  We are so goal orientated and to not reach a goal is seen as failure. But, it is difficult to make changes without experimenting.  It is difficult to experiment if you do not give yourself permission to fail.


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Experiment. Try living differently for a month, see if it changes your outlook on life. Give up television, sugar, or alcohol. Exercise, write, or leave work at 5 every day for a month. Notice how it impacts your overall well-being. 30 days will provide enough time to see if the change is worthwhile.” Joshua Becker

Before that he had written a list that at first reads quite negatively but really it is incredibly positive and presents a great challenge. That challenge could be for ourselves, our family or class at school.

When we eat unhealthy, we miss opportunity to fuel our bodies properly.

When we watch too much TV, we miss opportunities to interact with people in the real world.

When we buy more than we need, we miss opportunity to live free and unburdened.

When we neglect to exercise, we miss opportunity to enjoy adventures available to those with physical stamina.

When we stay up late and sleep through the morning, we miss capitalizing on the most productive period of our day.

When we focus too much on vacations or entertainment, we miss opportunity to discover the joys sitting in front of us each day.

When we spend more than we earn, we burden ourselves with the bondage of debt.

When we spend too much money on ourselves, we miss opportunity to find greater joy in being generous to others.

When we choose leisure over work, we miss opportunity to contribute and benefit society with our skills.

When we work too much, we miss opportunity to refuel, recenter, and rest.

(Becoming Minimalist)

Here’s to experimenting, taking a risk, choosing something we would like to change in our lifestyles.
Give it a go, does it really matter if you decide you liked it better the other way? At least now you are making an informed choice in living.

What is one thing from the list you would like to experiment with?


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4 thoughts on “Try the experiment

  1. I liked that one! It was quite easy to understand.
    Food job.
    Love Noah xxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxoxoxo


  2. Thank you for what you share with us , “the followers”. I feel challenged -and will put my Will into action in some of the suggestions. I know it will be worthwhile and bring benefits!!. Press on… love GDT.


    • Thanks too for being my fantastic encourager. I don’t know if you realise how much you help me to keep persevering! I am blessed to have you! r xx


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