Is it ok to be thankful for that?

My 8 year old has been in the habit of off-loading his ‘worries’ before he goes to sleep at night. Lately I noticed that off-loading did not seem to make much difference, so I decided to do the opposite and bounce back and forth between us things that we were grateful for.


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To start off with he couldn’t think of anything, so I started with “I am thankful for bedtime.” He then bounced back with “I am thankful for family.”
As I was lying on the bed next to him and the fluffy quilt had just been put back on the bed due to it becoming colder in our part of the world, I was grateful for the soft-feeling, cosy warm quilt. Josiah paused and looked at me and commented, “can you be thankful for little things like that?”


I was quite surprised. As a family we have often talked about what we are grateful for and somehow in Josiah’s head it had to be something ‘big’ or there was a certain standard the thankfulness had to reach.


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This then reminded me of the way we can live life for the ‘big’ things and miss the little everyday things that actually make up life.

..the big moments are the tiny moments. The breakthroughs are often silent,
and they happen in the most unassuming of spaces.
(The Inbetween, Jeff Goins)

With my boy, I need to learn and practice that the thankfulness is not always for the big things, but for the little things that make up the world around us. Those little things that are so easy to miss and yet are so much of our world.

May you have time this weekend to be grateful for the little things and share them with those around you.


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