1 year on….

It is one year today that I began writing this blog!

As I reflected on this point I realised that if nothing else it has been a privilege for me to write and reflect on different ideas associated with postive psychology.   It has made a big difference to the way that I now think and am.


Below are a few of the things I noticed as I reflected on my day:

*In the midst of a crazy day at school, whilst on yard duty I managed to look at the stormy sky, pause, notice a rainbow and consciously feel the brisk wind. That I am thankful for.

*After I had whinged about a few parts of my day, one of my own boys asked “What were some of the good things that happened today?” That I am thankful for.

*As I sat in staff meeting and there was a conversation about learning I found myself thinking about the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. That I am thankful for.

*Tonight sitting around the table hearing about the different days everyone had had, I looked at the faces and the love and felt blessed to be surrounded by family. That I am thankful for.


*Words like grit, postive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment (PERMA), gratitude, kindness, mindfulness and (of course) love, come to mind. All these things now mean something to me.


This is just a quick list, but there is so much more.

In my writing I have tried to be practical, clear, encouraging and to the point.

Practically speaking now, I have to stop writing and go to bed, I know that sleep makes such a difference.
Practically speaking I am sad that I have not made time to exercise in the last 2 days and I know how much difference that makes too!
But also practically speaking I am thankful for many things and will think about 3 specific ones as I go to bed!

Thank you so much for being a reader. Thanks so much sharing with me in the learning journey that we are all on.
May we continue together to have many ‘sunshinydays’.




7 thoughts on “1 year on….

  1. Congratulations Rebekah, a significant day. ! Thank you for all the interesting reading. Best wishes for the future… Marie-Lise


  2. Thank you soooo much for your blog, it really helps me to be mindful of what is on my mind, it’s so encouraging and fantastic for starting conversations in this house! Rebekah I am thankful to God for you, in so many ways you seem to blaze a trail and shed light for me too as you walk your path through life. I smile as I think of the times our paths have intersected and I always seem to be left with some wisdom, knowledge and encouragement from you, just when God knew I was in need. Thanks for being who He made you to be!!!! xoxo


    • What a beautiful, encouraging thing to for you to write. I feel humbled and thankful that it has helped so much. God is good! What you have written is really my dream for my blog and life! Blessings to you and your family. Love r x


  3. This message is a bit belated, but over the last year I have been enjoying reading your blogs very much . Full of inspiration. Congratulations at reaching and passing the one year mark ! Love the picture of all the children from last year . Happy memories . Julia from England


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