Change your perspective

“Change your perspective and you change everything.”

This was the title that went with the following link that shows amazing aerial photos from a satellite. My kids really enjoyed them.

For me, the title was powerful.
It is the end of a weekend, I haven’t had time to blog at all this week and in patches of time the word ‘overwhelmed’ has come to mind. So many things to do, so many needs to be met and in many cases so many limitations effecting my response to these needs.

The whole idea of changing my perspective is powerful, challenging and encouraging.


Photo Credit:

Are there areas that you can change your perspective on – maybe to a beautiful one like many of the photos?

Do you need to encourage someone you know to look from a different perspective – even one of your kids?
If you can, take time to look at the link.
Blessings for the week ahead.
R xx

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