Change someone’s day…

I walked out the door to meet my class after recess and a little boy met me with a bunch of flowers!
“Here Mrs Bleby, I picked these for you!” He looked so pleased with himself.


In the background I could hear one student say “he went out of bounds to pick them” followed by another student “they are only soursobs.”

I chose to ignore these comments.
“I love soursobs, they are so cheery. I love flowers, they brighten my day. I even have a glass on my desk to put them in.”

To me, they could have been a bunch of expensive flowers. I knew they were picked with thought and kindness and so unexpected.

As the week progresses may you find the time and bravery for an act of kindness. Don’t listen to the negative comments around but give the gift of kindness.

Believe me, it will change someone’s day.

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4 thoughts on “Change someone’s day…

    • Thanks for commenting! Today, I needed that reminder to stay away from negative things! I love the thought that each day is a new day, a new beginning. Tomorrow, less negativity for me!! R x


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