Empathy and relationships

I have been really enjoying the opportunity to teach the same class for 6 weeks. It has made me realise how important relationships are in teaching. To be with these kids in the emotional ups and downs of a day has reminded me of the importance of empathy – both for them and me! That ability to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’. That ability to know how your behaviour impacts on someone else. That ability to modify your behaviour in the difficult situation. That ability to relate to someone in their hurt.


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“According to a recent Harvard study, cultivating empathy among students has been linked to a variety of desirable outcomes, including positive peer relationships, better communication skills, and fewer interpersonal conflicts.”
(If you have the time and inclination read more on the DailyGood Blog.)


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I went from thinking about this to reading the “Principal’s Corner” in “SPW News” – the end of term news from my boys school.

The leadership staff had heard Dr George Otero speak. “He suggested that the nature of the teacher-student relationship, the empathy and care shown by the teacher and the ability of the teacher to help children self-direct, were the most critical factors in determining student success.”
If this is true for the teacher-student relationship, how much more must it be for the parent-child relationship?


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What a challenge. Children pay more attention to what we do than what we teach.
What are our actions saying? Are we teaching our children empathy by the way we live?


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Enjoy the weekend!



5 thoughts on “Empathy and relationships

    • Thanks for that link, I really enjoyed it – maybe the base for a blog? Such great practical ideas that so need to be shared and known. Tomorrow is the last day of term. The teaching has been incredibly rewarding. I am so thankful to God for so many things during it. It has been a great thing to do. Wondering how things are for you? Lots of love rebekah x


  1. Hi Rebekah

    I love your blog! It mirrors (and adds a great deal!!) to my thinking and reading lately. Congratulations! I have thought of you and your family often.



    • It is so lovely to hear from you! We think of you guys and wonder how it is all going. I am curious to know how you found my blog. Thanks for joining and encouraging me. What kind of things have you been reading lately? So so nice to be in contact again. Love Rebekahx


      • I had actually been wondering how you were going so just looked you up and found your blog!:-) I have been reading BrenĂ© Brown, Rob Bell’s books including Love Wins, Dan Siegel Whole-Brain Child, The Happiness Trap, general parenting books and summaries, follow-up information after Circle of Security training. Lots of things and so many more on my list! I guess it’s also the information from A’s school that also gets me thinking, and my very important role as her mum. Trying to always look at the big picture in order to focus on what’s important! Sometimes easier said than done:-)
        Larissa x


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