The ebb and flow of living

The camping trip was great! That doesn’t mean that there were not low moments when I wanted to go home but it means that overall it was a time of peace, happiness, and joy. I did find myself practising the things listed in the last blog.

IMG_0254Each day seemed to take on its own rhythm and perhaps because of the simple lifestyle of having to just ‘be’, relate, cook, washup, put up tents, drive, walk, plus more –  the days seemed to disappear.

It has actually in many ways been a rude shock to come back to the noise of the city – the mobile phone is now permanently in range, texts go back and forth, emails can be checked at will, there are advertisements everywhere, arrangements made – somehow life seems a lot more complicated. I have noticed that I no longer notice the ebb and flows in the day.


Ebbs and flows are good things.
They allow a change of pace.
They take away the pressure to be ‘happy’ all the time.
They take away the fear of feeling ‘sad’ for an extended amount of time, as it passes.
They allow one to be in the moment and notice the emotion and what is happening.
They allow time to take its own course.
Ebbs and flows for me need to be considered and noticed and is something our world seems to ignore. I am so thankful for the time away and for the many things that being out of my comfort zone taught me. Also, it was great for my kids to be out of their comfort zone – there was much life learning for them too!

IMG_0263 IMG_0241 IMG_0216This weekend, may you find time to notice the ebb and flows of the days and embrace them for what they are.

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