A thought for the weekend – beauty

As we waited patiently – or perhaps not so patiently – behind a grimy, black, dirty mini garbage truck on the way to school, two of my boys at the same time exclaimed “Look at that flower!” I couldn’t see anything so my response was ‘Where?’  As the truck took the corner, I too could see it. On the side of the grotty looking truck someone had wedged a fake bright pink gerbera flower. It looked stunning.


photo credit: bigwol.com

This weekend may you and your children see some beauty amongst the everyday,
some beauty amongst the business,
some beauty as you are waiting,
some beauty in the noise,
some beauty in the quiet –
beauty is all around, waiting to be found.

May you take time to focus on what is good, true and beautiful, even if it is surrounded by grime.


4 thoughts on “A thought for the weekend – beauty

  1. I was lucky enough to have some time out this afternoon in between the Saturday catch up of weekend housework and was surrounded by beauty.. the winter sun, a bike ride along the seafront then sitting on the grass looking at the sea with one of my beautiful sisters oh and a lovely yeast bun! Blessed indeed.
    Xx L xx


  2. I love this post – it is wet season in Ethiopia and all is muddy brown and gross but the beauty and strength of the people enduring these conditions shines through.


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