Stories of kindness

Over the last couple of months I have felt a little overwhelmed with the different tragedies happening in this wonderful world we have been given. Sometimes I feel some despair and helplessness as faith in the human race is challenged.

There are so many stories of distrust and hurt but recently I have seen little acts of kindness that have encouraged my family and me.


It has been wonderful to share the ‘good’ stories with the kids and encourage them to look around and see kindness around them.  Simple stories like:

*This morning my daughter got to her bus stop and realised she had left her saxophone at home and she needed it. Home is not far, so she asked a lady at the bus stop to ask the driver if he could wait a moment. (I thought her very brave for doing that!)  She ran home, grabbed the saxophone, I told her to jump in the car and we drove back to the stop. There was the bus waiting for her with an open door and a smiling bus driver!


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*My eldest son was sent home from school this week with a suspected broken arm. He was at the really busy hospital for over 4 hours. Such a long time, but I appreciated the way my husband did not get grumpy about the time, but noticed how kind and helpful each professional had been. What a nice way to see that world.
That night his teacher rang to check on him and then the following morning the front office lady who had looked after him walked out into the school grounds when she saw us to find out what had happened. Such thoughtfulness. (And yes, it was broken.)

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*Last week as I was driving through some heavy traffic I noticed a car flashing its lights. As I progressed up the road I saw cars had stopped. I was looking around wondering what was happening and then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the trouble. There, waddling quite happily across 5 lanes of traffic, was a mother duck and her 12 ducklings. The world had stopped for this beautiful part of nature.


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May you and your family be able to see, be encouraged  and be part of some kindness this weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Stories of kindness

  1. I have felt exactly the same reading the news of late. It has been distressing to hear of what humans are capable of inflicting on one another.

    This week I have been trying to slow down and absorb the little things more – the welcoming of a new puppy into our home and seeing our 6 year daughter dote on it and look after it so well. She faithfully feeds it morning and night without prompting. Family walks in the sun have also been lovely. And our daughter is also leading the planning of a car boot sale fundraiser for her class’ Operation Christmas Child project. The joy the kids have in doing this is inspiring:-)


    • What great things are happening in your household! A new puppy – how wonderful, may there be lots of special times together! So nice to hear from you. Hope you enjoy slowing down – I am trying to have a slower week this week…why is it so hard to slow down? I feel like I have to fight for it. Lots of love R x


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