Thought for the weekend – Happy Father’s day

It’s a tough job being a parent. I imagine it would be a tough job being a father. But I also know it is  an amazing gift to be a parent and father (that’s what my husband says.)


This weekend as Father’s day is observed,
May you find time to play with your child, play something physical.
May you find time to listen and talk, reminisce, tell the kids some of your history.


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Find out what things your child actually likes doing with you and give it a go.
Pull out a book and read aloud. Read a picture book you have loved. Read a book that can spark a conversation.
May you find time to sit side by side with a child in silence, with no technology buzzing.


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Take the time to tell your kid what you like about them.
Take time to stroll somewhere together with no expectations on each other.
Show your child respect and consciously connect.


May you be aware that they won’t always get things right, and neither will you
But, love covers a multitude of wrongs.

Happy Fathers Day to all you wonderful Dads  – especially to my own Dad! He has always loved me, thrown balls with me, sat and read the paper while I practiced piano, played cards with me, supported me …the list could go on!
Never underestimate how important you are in your  kids life.
And, don’t forget to tell them that you love them!


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4 thoughts on “Thought for the weekend – Happy Father’s day

  1. And what is more I enjoyed every minute of it !! Love you Dad….ps funny but also seem to be doing ( and loving ) the same for the Grandies. ( Not sure about the trumpet tho.. )


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