happiness and success

Recently I read a blog post by Eric Barker (Barkingupthewrongtree) who was interviewing Shawn Achor titled “Success brings happiness? No happiness brings success.”

As I read I found myself reaching for the notebook and writing down some interesting points.I thought I would just put them forward here and leave them for you to ponder as well. Happiness is mentioned a lot and I want to point out here that it is not all about being happy, as the tough times are really important, but it is interesting to realise the importance of happiness and the things that can help it.

“If we can get somebody to raise their levels of optimism or deepen their social connection or raise happiness, turns out every single business and educational outcome we knew how to test for improves dramatically.”

“Most people accept that they’re just born some way and that’s how they’re going to be the rest of their life, and whatever they were last year they’re going to be this year. I think Positive Psychology shows us that that doesn’t actually have to be the case.”

“Some people see problems as challenges, not threats and this attitude can be learnt.”

“One way to get happy is to send a 2 minute thankyou or thinking of you email each morning. Do this for 21 days.”

“Twice as much work means you need friends twice as much….social connection is the greatest predictor of happiness….People who provide social support get some of the greatest benefits.”

“Intelligence and technical skills only predict 25% of success.  The other 75% is made up from optimism, your social connection and perception of stress.”

When I read information like this, I find myself wondering how it applies to my kids and parenting. If we know that research is showing this, then how do we teach it to them? I might start by the email idea, which could even be transferred to sending a thankyou text or a thinking of you.

(I apologise for no links and no pictures..I am working from a different machine which I don’t know my way around very well, it is school holidays and I have a child to spend time with! Thus, excuse my blog presentation, but the information is there! Enjoy!)

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