How is your balance?

Today we are off on a camping trip. I am looking forward to having time to ‘balance’ life again, for myself and my family.
It is so easy for us to get caught up in life and the many things that vie for our attention and time.  It is time for all of us to recalibrate and sometimes that happens best when we are out of our comfort zones.

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Joshua Becker (The Minimalist) recently wrote in his Newsletter about the need to care for ourselves.

“We are not merely physical beings, spiritual beings, or emotional beings. We are human beings. And by this, I mean, all aspects of our being make up who we are and they can not be separated from one another.
Our physical being influences our spiritual being… our spiritual being influences our emotional being… our emotional being influences our physical bodies.
Have you ever tried to think straight when you have a terrible cold? It is very difficult. Why? Because all aspects of our being mingle together to form who we are on any given day……”


Years ago when teaching I remember asking kids to set themselves goals each term for the different areas of life  – physical, learning, spiritual and family. I was reminded of this when Becker went on to list the specific things that connect us in life and the way they all need to be balanced. He is talking in terms of what ‘great influencers’ do …

“They care for themselves physically in both diet and exercise.

They care for themselves mentally with rest and personal development.

They care for themselves intellectually by reading and growing and seeking challenge.

They care for themselves emotionally with proper self-awareness and healthy relationships.

They care for themselves spiritually with solitude and meditation and counting the universe bigger than themselves.

In other words, influencers seek to implement wise and healthy habits in all aspects of their being.

Is there any area you have been neglecting recently? If so, what might be your first, small step in the right direction?”


I appreciated his challenge at the end. I think as a family our fist step is to be reminded of the balance we need in life and then to purposefully pursue. Getting away from routine and having time to reflect is a gift for which I am grateful. I understand the time to get away is not there for all, but in and about your daily life, may you find a moment to reflect on each of the different areas of life that balance us out.

Blessings R xx

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