“Caring for people is one of my talents.”

The blog page has been quiet for awhile. There were fantastic family holidays to be had, quickly followed on by a full week of work. This has meant I have not had many moments for reading and writing, but there have been some moments for reflecting.


Today I wanted to share a cameo moment from school.

There is a gorgeous girl in the class who has different physical difficulties to deal with each day, yet she is so bright, bubbly and warm.
Today after she helped comfort another classmate, she looked at me and proudly informed me:

“Caring for other people is one of my talents.”


Photo credit: blog.sprititualityandpractice.com

I stood there amazed and awed. To hear this from a 5 year old and a girl in her situation…Wow!
I know that she has no idea of character strengths and what they are, yet she was showing by her actions what they are all about. To be aware of our strengths and using them is a great thing both in what it does for others and ourselves. (Previously I have written about Character Strengths and you can link to it here.)

May you be encouraged by this story both for yourself and your own kids.

What would you say your talents are?
What would your kids say their talents are?



A link to the Character Strengths questionnaire is here.

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