Back to nature

A few weeks ago our family had the absolute pleasure of travelling the Great Ocean Road and spending time in the Otway Ranges. We followed creeks, we saw waterfalls, we saw kangaroos with joeys, we saw amazing birds, we rock hopped across creeks, we stood in awe looking at the rough sea and it felt like we all reconnected!








I hadn’t written about it yet as it had not seemed relevant. Then today I came across Tsh’s blog. She is travelling the world with her family. Below I have included excerpts as it is so much of what we experienced and what I want to share!



“Our travels have reminded me how much healthier, more fully alive, more the-way-I-should-be I feel when I have plenty of time in the wild. Not just city parks, but woods. Where I can meander off the beaten track but be forced to keep a watchful eye for creepy crawlies. Where water gushes from the earth, not a metal drinking fountain.

My kids do better here too.  It’s as though we’re somehow made for more skin-to-dirt connection than our modern day world allows, as if our bodies want regular reminders of where it’s from.

Our sanity benefits. Our entire person—relational, spiritual, physical, mental—breathes a thank you when we consciously make space in our days for quiet (and rowdy) time in the woods.

So I have a practical question for you, partly because we can’t help but on a trip like this muse over what our life needs more of when we return: how do you carve out time in nature—real nature—in the midst of your everyday life? Not just playgrounds with plastic slides, but the dirty (in the best sense) forests, mountains, lakes, and oceans? (And emphasis on the everyday bit—not just summer vacations or semi-annual camping trips.)

What practical things do you employ to make sure the natural side of you is satisfied?

I’m genuinely curious. Because I know it’s hard unless you live right in the thick of it. Yet I’ve decided it’s essential.”

"Wilderness is not a luxury  but a necessity of the human spirit,  as vital to our lives as  water and good bread." -Edward Abbey

One thought on “Back to nature

  1. We are in W A surrounded by wilderness & ” practicing just what you are preaching! ” I read this morning- ” If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees” . Thanks for all your lovely sharing to encourage us in the healthy ” good life”.


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