A thought for the weekend…

Sometimes I feel bombarded and overwhelmed with choices and what could sometimes be termed as distractions. I know just this week as my teenager was talking to me about her day, I was checking the emails on my phone. I heard her trail off and quickly I apologised for not listening. Interestingly her response was not said in a cruel or malicious way, but it was “It doesn’t matter, it wasn’t really that important.”…that was an “ouch” for me!

Photo credit: thepathbetweenthe stars.wordpress.com

Photo credit: thepathbetweenthe stars.wordpress.com

I watch my children and see them sometimes struggling with focusing as there is so much going on around them.  There are so many choices, opportunities and things to do! How does one choose which is the most important?

James Clear on his blog this week makes some observations about distractions in relationship to the author  R R Martin  and his way of writing on a very old word processing system…The point made is that this system has no advertising or unnecessary buttons!

“But maybe what we really need is less. Maybe what we really need are fewer distractions and more focus. Maybe what we really need are a few carefully chosen constraints that narrow our energy onto what really matters rather than compiling a bunch of resources that pull us away from what we actually need to do.”


This weekend may we find time to notice the unnecessary.
This weekend may we be brave enough to say no to the unnecessary.
This weekend may we put some restraints in place so we can be available to the present!

Blessings for the weekend.

R x

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