A Christmas thought for the weekend…already?!

In my part of the world Christmas coincides with the end of the school year and Summer holidays. It can be an incredibly hectic time with Christmas parties, end of school break-ups and late evenings. It is exhausting and not uncommon for people to look forward to it being over.  We had an evening commitment last week and in my mind I was thinking
“Oh no, here we go, it has started already!”


Photo Credit: churchwhisperer.com

A few days later I was talking to a friend who said, “I just love this time of the year, there are so many lovely events happening, so many opportunities to catch up with friends and spend time with family. I just love it.”

Then a few days after that I was talking to a staff member at school who was helping me plan and make some Christmas decorations with the class. In conversation she said, “I just love Christmas with all the fun art and craft things that can be done, making them here at school and then making with the kids at home. It is such a lovely time, I just love it.”

Photo Credit: sevencherubs.com

Photo Credit: sevencherubs.com

So, as we approach the Christmas season this year, we have a choice how to see the events and time.
I am thankful that these lovely ladies spoke their thoughts and attitudes in such a positive way – it has certainly challenged me!

Photo Credit: mindwatch.com

Photo Credit: mindwatch.com


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