Today I started an on-line study course in Positive Psychology. The course is led Dr Barbara Fredrickson and goes for 6 weeks. I think each week I will blog a little of what I have learnt.

Today’s topic was looking at ’emotions’.

I just received a text that contained information that showed one of my boys had been left out of some friends social plans. I was surprised at how it made me feel. There was a flash of anger, a negative response of ‘Who cares anyway!’ and a slight increase in my heart rate.

Photot Credit: relationshipsa.com.au

Photot Credit: relationshipsa.com.au

Now, in some ways these responses make sense.  Emotions are embodied, they affect our hearts, our muscle tension, the way we carry ourselves plus much more. They are not just a private experience but broadcast what we feel.

There are negative and positive emotions. The negative often seem strong but not always the positive. Research has shown that there are more good things going on than bad, but we need to be trained to let the positive events become positive emotions i.e. notice and appreciate the positive events that are there.

Photo Credit: stockfresh.com

Photo Credit: stockfresh.com

Fish do not see the water. In the same way we can experience something positive most of the time –  like feeling comfortable – but not actually see it as a positive thing.

Photo Credit: fireandsea.com

Photo Credit: fireandsea.com


I am hoping to look for those positive ‘little’ things that are there, but that I miss. I am also hoping to encourage my own kids in it. Maybe you can give it a go?

Photo Credit: nationalcoap.org

Photo Credit: nationalcoap.org

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