Before I start week 5 of my Positive Psychology course I wanted to continue with my blogging and summarise Week 4 –  which was last week and which unfortunately I ran out of that precious commodity of time to blog.


Week 4 was about love. Love is part of our most important bonds, but as a society we have almost put it on a pedastool as a super important emotion. Love can be small, it does not have to be big. It can be momentary and over time built up. It can be a micro – moment that then helps to build a healthy sense of connection…

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The term used when one feels love and connection is ‘Positivity Resonance’. For these moments to happen, a person needs to feel safe and connected. The connection needs to be face to face or actually talking on the phone, there needs to be a ‘real time’ sensory connection as so much is portrayed in the embodied emotions. ( There is a challenge for our world today with the texting, intagram and other means of communication – one is not building the ‘positive resonance’.)

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The smile is a very important part of building positive resonance. In a brief moment it can do so much and yet it is not a costly investment. As a smile is shared, there is a moment of shared positivity which then can provide the opportunity for a person to ‘broaden and build’.

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My ‘take away’ thought from the studies this week is how important and underestimated the power of a simple smile is. I want to be sharing a smile with everyone!

“The smile is a ‘hook’ that creates a moment that nourishes us all.”
Barbara Fredrickson

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2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Research has shown that smiling is really, really good for you, even a false smile. It fires positive neurons in our brains and makes connections with other parts of our brains.
    Even a false smile, using a chopstick held between the teeth, proved to be positive.
    So, the question you have to ask yourself is which choice do I want to have, to be a happy loving person or an unhappy un loving person. All we can present is the tools, it’s up to each person to use them if they choose.


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