This entry has been going around in my head for a few days now.

When I drive my 2 boys to school, the elder one sits in the front seat and flicks through the different stations on the radio. Some mornings it drives me mad, other mornings I don’t mind. On Monday as the boy flicked through I asked him to pause.  The DJ was talking about a recent UK study on contentment. (My apologies, due to the channel flicking I missed out on the exact details of the study!) It found that money and travel did not bring contentment. I was interested particularly in the travel concept as recently I had been reading how important it was to travel and feeling a little guilty that so far in their lives I had not been able to expose my children to different cultures through travel.


It seems that with money and travel one never gets enough, there is never an end in sight.  This means that contentment does not come as there is always the desire for more and the possibility of more.


Instead, the things that bring contentment are the little things in life. Those ‘micro-moments’.
The things that bring most contentment requires us ‘being in the moment’. It requires us being aware of those little things that make up everyday life and being thankful for them.


As I have reflected on this I have been thinking about my responsibility as a parent to teach my children this. What a gift I would be giving them, if they, amongst this crazy world of bigger is better and new is best, I could teach them to appreciate and see the things that bring contentment.


The radio station then asked people to call in or post on their Facebook page what brings them contentment.
I asked myself the same question – sitting in the sun reading, watching my kids play happily, looking at my kids snuggled up in bed, sitting with a cup of tea talking with my man, laughing with family and friends, sharing with family and friends….the list could go on.
I will ask my kids the same question, and maybe it is something we need to be continually revisit as we oppose the materialistic world around us that is based on needing things to be content.


Thus, I am asking you the reader what brings you contentment? I would love to hear from you.
R x

2 thoughts on “Contentment

    • So nice to hear from you. Thankyou for adding this valuable comment to add a different dimension to what was written. Travel is certainly your thing! I hope that your last trip was a great one. love r x


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