Be still..

It seems there are many of us trying to slow down and simplify in this busy world.


I know that my readers of this bog come from different backgrounds and I am so thankful for all of you and value each one of you. I understand if some of you are not interested in the following information which links to a strongly Christian blog….or you might be!

The day after writing the last blog I was reading a Christian blog ‘Chatting at the Sky’ that was looking at similar themes of slowing down in the hustle and bustle. Emily Freeman the writer is launching a book, but along with it there are a few videos that lost only 4 or so minutes.  I have only seen the first 2, but I found they resonated with my soul and the whole idea of ‘mindfulness’ from a Christian perspective. They have encouraged me to slow down and take some ‘simple’ moments.


So, if you are interested click here.
Chatting at the Sky

May you find a moment to let your soul breath today.
R x

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