Are manners out of style?

Hi, I have missed you! It is really nice to be back writing and thinking about the things that I have to share here at asunshinyday. The break from being on-line was necessary and it has clarified a few things for me, one of those being that I do love writing these blogs.


Recently in our family we have been having a ‘manners blitz’.  I can hear my children moaning now! Every now and then we all seem to need a reminder about the way we are caring for others. As a parent I feel like I am pushing uphill. Manners seems to be out of fashion in our society at the moment!


I was reading a book ‘On becoming Preteen wise’ and they had a list of adjectives that I aspire to see firstly in myself and then in my children. Funny how it is often a challenge for the adults too!  May you ponder on the words too!




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